Dr. Christopher A. House is an experienced communication professional. He is an experienced scholar, educator and diversity professional with expertise in matters of race and social justice and practices of diversity, equity & inclusion, inclusive excellence and communication & culture.


He is an intergroup dialogue trainer around matters of race and social justice. Dr. House is heavily engaged in academic and community service, which requires his expertise to lead, advise, organize workshops and coordinate projects for corporate, nonprofit, civic, and community organizations. 



Dr. House is the founder and senior pastor of Christian Community Church of Ithaca, a non-denominational, multiracial church in Ithaca, NY. Coming out of a solid preaching and service tradition rooted in the Black Pentecostal church, his preaching and teaching ministry is marked by profound theological reflection, practical biblical insights, deep spirituality, and intellectual fervor that has made him a popular speaker in secular and sacred arenas.


Dr. House seeks to extend his influence beyond the church by serving local and global communities in ways that help to eradicate systemic and structural inequalities, and through educating faith communities on the roles they can play to bring about a more just and equitable world. As the pioneering visionary for Christian Community Church of Ithaca, Dr. House believes that “while Jesus is changing hearts, we [the church] need to be changing unjust policies.” 


As a cutting-edge, faith-based, thought leader and influencer, Dr. House hosts the annual Holy Spirit and Social Justice Emerging Leaders Conference at Christian Community Church of Ithaca. This conference draws hundreds of guests, activists, artists, organizers, scholars, leaders, and change-agents from across the nation.


On a local level, Dr. House works with several local government entities, businesses, non-profit organizations, and community organizers to empower underserved communities disproportionally impacted by racism, income inequality and disparities within the criminal justice system. On a global level, Dr. House travels extensively throughout the world ministering in countries across Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and regularly consults for pastors, churches and faith-based organizations eager to develop relevant ministries and effective faith-based community organizations.




Beyond the pulpit, Dr. House is a scholar, public intellectual and associate professor of Communication Studies at Ithaca College. He has received numerous national awards from organization such as the African American Communication & Culture Division of the National Communication Association and the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education, Inc.


Dr. House has published articles in scholarly and professional journals like Southern Journal of Communication, Journal of Communication and Religion, Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, International Journal of Communication, and Journal of Race & Public Policy. 


He is the editor for the Journal of Pan African Pentecostalism, and is currently writing a book on neo-Pentecostal social action in the era of Black Lives Matter. He has contributed to meaningful public dialogue through his writings on Huffington Post Black and Religious Voices and his appearance on HuffPost live and Religion News Service.


Trained as a scholar of rhetoric and communication studies, Dr. House holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his theological studies at Elim Bible Institute & College, Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. His research interests focus on Black Pentecostal rhetoric, rhetorical theology and race, diversity, equity & inclusion, and reconciliation studies.