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About Dr. House


commentary, ministry, and consulting. 


Leader in informed, culturally relevent 

Dr. Christopher A. House is an experienced communication professional. He is a published scholar, educator, and equity, diversity, and inclusion strategist. He is an intergroup dialogue facilitator, with expertise in inclusive excellence and communication & culture. Dr. House is a professor of communication studies and a 2022 Dana Teaching Fellow at the Antiracism Institute at Ithaca College, a learning community of co-facilitated small groups, workshops, and difficult dialogues on race. 


As a thought-leader, visionary, author, Dr. House is heavily engaged in academic and community service, which requires his expertise to lead, advise, organize and facilitate workshops and trainings for corporate, religious, nonprofit, civic, and community organizations. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean speaking to a wide spectrum of audiences and organizations. 


Dr. House has contributed to national dialogues on critical social issues and  social commentary through popular press media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Religious News Services, and more. Trained as a scholar of rhetoric and communication studies, Dr. House holds a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh.



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